- Colabora con los mejores creadores e influencers

Branded content and influencer marketing

Collaborate with the best content creators. Treend simplifies the entire workflow so you can stay focused on the success of your campaigns.

The best trust us

Redesigning your influencer marketing strategy from the beginning

Don’t search, let yourself be found

You will be in control, you will receive collaboration requests from creators and you decide who to work with and when. It’s up to you, you’ll know all their stats before you accept a collaboration.

Connect your e-commerce shop

Everything is easier if you connect your stores feed so that creators can ask for collaborations with the products you have available.

See how your business grows

Grow your business with influencer marketing, get visibility, notoriety and sales. With Treend you will be able to track each of these parts.

Much more than a technology supplier

Integration manager

We will assist you during the whole process of the technical integration of your Ecommerce or ERP.

Marketing manager

We will run campaigns aimed at acquiring content creators in your niche.

Product manager

Feedback sessions with our product team. We want to build our product together.