- Colabora con los mejores creadores e influencers

Simplify the way you create and manage your influencer marketing campaigns

Work with a curated community of content creators. Treend simplifies the process of searching, selection contacting creators and analyzing your results and saves you time.

The best trust us

Create campaigns quickly and analyze results easily

You don’t have to search for creators, they will contact YOU!

You will be in control- you will receive collaboration requests from creators and you will decide whom to work with and when. It’s up to you, you’ll know all their stats before you start.

Choose quality influencers based on data

Quickly analyze influencers based on number of followers, reach, engagement rate and the demographics of their audiences.

Know exactly what the impact of your campaigns is

Evaluate the performance of your campaign to see what works best for your brand and your future campaigns. Analyse publishing data as soon as it is published.

Technology that make your work easier

Goodbye Google Sheets and manual reports!

No more tracking in GSheet, no more asking creators for screenshots to analyse campaigns. Treend manages all the information for you, all in one place.

Management of contracts & content use rights

Our standard digitally signed contracts make it easy to engage influencers and give you the right to use the content in any organic campaign.

Simplified Logistics

Treend allows you to easily manage the logistics and tracking of product shipments for all your campaigns.